“Good morning, Just wanted to update you on Carmelita!

She has a new name, which is Phoebe Honey Crest, and she’s slowly opening up to the household. Shes is a lovable bed hog, and absolutely loves food.

She’s doing good with the cats, mostly leaves them alone, but shes much calmer then her little buddy Jolly so they’re pretty okay with her. Also she’s been doing well for the most part with going potty outside, she’s had a couple accidents, but it’s gotten better since Jolly has now started ringing our potty bell by the door for her when she has to go (its the cutest thing).

Right now were mostly trying to train her to listen to No and Come, and to keep her off counters since she thinks all food is for her, lol.

I’ll keep you all updated as things go on, and if you have any training tips let me know!

 –Alisha, adopted from NEW PAWSibilities in Oshkosh, WI