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Carmen Leal (Scott) the author of nine book including Faces of Huntington’s, The Twenty-Third Psalm for Those Who Grieve, and dozens of published articles, devotionals, and human-interest stories. Carmen relocated from Hawaii to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and is the marketing director for NEW PAWSibilities Dog Rescue and Shelter. Carmen has become a reluctant gardener and has learned more about Wisconsin weeds than she ever wanted to know. She is the mother of two sons and an awesome dog named Coconut.

Dog The Movie

I love the tagline of the movie, "Dog", starring Channing Tatum. "A filthy animal unfit for human company and a...DOG." Pretty much sums it up. I saw this earlier this year when it first came out and I liked it enough but it's not going to win any awards. Except the dog. Dog was awesome.

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Rescued by Ruby

You know you’re an old married couple when the highlight of your week is cuddling under a throw in an old and colder than you ever thought possible brick house watching a movie. Okay, a few details. I was cuddling with my dog and my husband was under his own throw. And we weren’t

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A Dog’s Way Home

I wanted to love it. I probably would have settled for liking it even a little more than I did. Today I realized I had way too many hours worked this week for a part-time job. I decided since I had enough points for a free movie I should take a couple hours and

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She Loves All The Food

“Good morning, Just wanted to update you on Carmelita! She has a new name, which is Phoebe Honey Crest, and she’s slowly opening up to the household. Shes is a lovable bed hog, and absolutely loves food. She’s doing good with the cats, mostly leaves them alone, but shes much calmer then her little

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